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Spot-Colour Printing Business Cards 專色印刷咭片

From: $210

>>按此查看紙質樣板  Click here to view Card Paper Sample<<

大實地:金額 x 1.5 倍
Large quantity printing: Price X 1.5

如需大量印製、急件、大實地印刷、更多紙質選擇、加工(如:過膠 / 燙金 / 擊凸 / 摺咭 / 特別裁切 / 可變數據等),可與職員聯絡查詢報價。

Please feel free to contact our staffs if you need any quotation on large quantity printing, urgent job, full-fill printing, more paper selection, additional processing (e.g. lamination, gold-embossing, embossing, folding, die-cutting, variable data printing, etc).

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Product Description


紙質 Paper material    >>按此查看紙質樣板  Click here to view Card Paper Sample<<
色墨 Ink Pantone專色 Pantone Colour
尺寸 Size  90 x 55 mm (其他呎吋可另外報價)
90 x 55 mm (Free to get quote for other size)
時間 Time   5-7 個工作天 5-7 Working days
急件 Urgent 相關收費及安排請與我們聯絡
Please contact us for quote and details.
加工 Additional 可加其他加工如:過膠 / 燙金 / 擊凸 / 可變數據等,可參照加工服務頁或另外報價
For lamination, foil-stamping, emboss, variable data printing,
please refer to additional services page or contact us for quote and details.
備註 Note 尚有大量紙質可供選擇,歡迎蒞臨選購或查詢報價
We have many types of Paper materials for you to choose,
welcome to our store and pick the one you like and get a quote.

Additional Information

紙質 Paper Type

LC-0 山打士質感 Zapack Touch 240gsm, LC-1 歐林超白滑面 Olin Smooth (Abolute White) 250gsm, LC-2 柔和米色 Natural Fine (Natural) 250gsm, LC-6 美雪啞粉 Novatech- Matt White 300gsm, LC-7 米色啞粉 Matt Ivory 300gsm, LC-8 美雪光粉 Novatech-Glossy White 300gsm, NC-4 斜格紋米色 1003-4018 220gsm, NC-5 雪白淺紋紙 1000-0292 220gsm, NC-7 新懷舊象牙咭 1003-6549 250gsm, NC-9 彩纖板紙 1002-7790 285gsm, NC-10 閃耀星塵淺啡 1007-2291 290gsm, NC-11 閃耀星塵棗紅 1007-2293 290gsm, NC-12 駱駝板紙 1002-8233 300gsm, NC-13 彩珠紙金色 1000-1022 300gsm, NC-14 彩珠紙藍色 1000-1025 300gsm, NC-15 彩珠紙紅色 1000-1026 300gsm, NC-16 彩珠紙綠色 1000-1027 300gsm, NC-18 鴛鴦紅板紙 1005-3601 300gsm, LC-4 白通咭 White Card 280gsm, LC-13 歐林超白質感 Olin Rough (Abolute White) 300gsm (+$0.1), LC-15 山打士質感 300gsm (+$0.1), CC-1 超白條紋 220gsm (+$0.1), CC-2 白色條紋 220gsm (+$0.1), CC-3 奶白條紋 220gsm (+$0.1), CC-5 超白滑面 220gsm (+$0.1), CC-6 白色滑面 220gsm (+$0.1), CC-7 奶黃滑面 220gsm (+$0.1), CC-8 超白紋面 250gsm (+$0.1), LC-3 絹紋 Neenah Classic Linen 270gsm (+$0.2), LC-9 北極晨光 Polar Dawn 300gsm (+$0.2), LC-12 白通咭 White Card 360gsm (+$0.2), LC-14 冠雅紙蛋殼 Nennah Classic Crest (Eggshell) 352gsm (+$0.2), NC-17 柔和米色 1000-1922 350gsm (+$0.2), CC-9 超白滑面 Brilliant White Wove 300gsm (+$0.2)

數量 Quantity

200, 300, 400, 500

正面 Front

1色 1 Colour, 2色 2 Colours

背面 Back

N/A, 1色 1 Colour, 2色 2 Colours