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File format requirement 稿件要求 - LV Digital Copy 崇德數碼影印站

File format requirement

  1. We support PDF / Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign
    本公司支援之電腦格式: PDF / Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign

  2. If the artwork includes logo, please provide original size with 300dpi or above in ai / jpg / psd / tif format to facilitate the production.
    Extra cost for production may be required if no original soft copy is provided.
    如須放上LOGO或其他識別標誌等,請提供製成品原大、解像度300dpi或以上的 ai / jpg / psd / tif 以利製作,若無原始檔將收製作費。

  3. Please provide CMYK output file. If your artwork is in RGB or spot colour mode, we would change to CMYK. We will not be responsible if there is any colour difference when output.

  4. Please include all content within 3mm of the crop mark to make sure the content would not be cropped. If bleeding is needed, please add 3mm bleed to avoid having white border when printed.

  5. Please outline all text.
    檔案內的所有文字必須轉換為外框線條 (Outline)。

  6. Please provide 1:1 output file.

  7. Line should be 0.25pt/0.076mm or above to be printed.

  8. Colour transparency should be higher than 5% to be printed.

  9. Please avoid designing equilateral top, bottom, right and left border or pattern, we would not guarantee the quadrilateral symmetry.

  10. Each computer has color difference, while printable items would have about 10% color difference, and different paper colour cast differently as well.
    If the colour requirement is strict, you may use spot colour printing with extra cost.

  11. Output files provided by customer normally store one month only.

Free Artwork Check

If you’re not sure about how your artwork will print, we offer a FREE artwork service to check the Resolution, Bleed, Size, Legibility (thin text) and Alignment of your work. All you have to do is email  [email protected] with your artwork and size you want to print. Once we’ve got your email, it usually takes around two office hours to complete the check, although this can be a little longer during busy periods.

為印出您滿意的印刷品,崇德提供免費檔案檢查服務,以檢查解像度、出血位、尺寸、易讀性和對齊方式。您只需將作品發送至 [email protected],並告知我們您想要印刷的尺寸。當我們收到了您的電郵,一般只需兩個小時就可以檢查完成(只限工作天),但在繁忙時段可能會需時較長。