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Christmas Cards 聖誕咭

From: $100

Paper 紙質   >>按此查看紙質樣板  Click here to view Card Paper Sample<<
Ink 色墨 B&w Single / B&w Double / Colour Single / Colour Double
黑白單面 / 黑白雙面 / 彩色單面 / 彩色雙面
Size 尺寸 A6 4″ x 6″ 148 x 105mm / A5 6″ x 8″ 210 x 148mm,
摺咭 Folding A6 4″ x 6″ / 摺咭 Folding A5 6″ x 8″
Time 時間 1 working day 1 個工作天
Urgent 急件 Within 2 hours, please contact us for quote and details.
Additional 加工 For lamination, foil-stamping, emboss, variable data printing,
please refer to additional services page or contact us for quote and details.
可加其他加工如:過膠 / 燙金 / 擊凸 / 可變數據等,可參照加工服務頁或另外報價
Notes 備註 We have many types of Paper materials for you to choose,
welcome to our store and pick the one you like and get a quote.


Below price list is for small quantity printing only. For larger quantities, please feel free to contact us or email to [email protected]

以下價錢僅限少量訂購,如需更多數量,請與我們聯絡或電郵至 [email protected]


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Product Description

如需報價,請與我們聯絡或電郵至 [email protected]
Please feel free to contact us or email to [email protected] if you need any quotation.

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Additional Information

紙質 Paper Type

A 類紙質 A Type, B 類紙質 B Type, C 類紙質 C Type

大小 Size

A6 4"X6" 148X105cm, A5 6"X8" 210X148cm, 摺咭 Folding A6 4 " x 6", 摺咭 Folding A5 6" x 8"

印刷面 Printed Side

單面 Single, 雙面 Double

數量 Quantity

10, 30, 50, 100, 200