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Sandwich Cards 夾心咭

卡紙 Card Paper 墨爾滑面 650gsm
Moer Slippery Surface 650gsm
色墨 Ink 壓印加一專色  / 彩色單面
Emboss & 1 Pantone / CMYK Only Single sided
尺寸 Size  90 x 55 mm (其他呎吋可另外報價)
90 x 55 mm (Free to get quote for other size)
時間 Time   7-10 個工作天 7-10 working day
加工 Additional 可加其他加工如:過膠 / 燙金 / 擊凸 / 可變數據等,可參照加工服務頁或另外報價
For lamination, foil-stamping, emboss, variable data printing,
please refer to additional services page or contact us for quote and details.
備註 Note 尚有大量紙質可供選擇,歡迎蒞臨選購或查詢報價
We have many types of Paper materials for you to choose,
welcome to our store and pick the one you like and get a quote.

Product Description

夾心咭  Sandwich Cards
彩色邊緣是用三種不同的紙張製作的; 兩張白紙夾著彩紙,製作我們最厚的名片之一。
兩張白紙是亮白色的。 作為無塗層卡片,它是真正的啞光,具有天然紙張粗糙度。
A sandwich card is a colored edge business card. There are four colors available for the colored edge: black, blue, red, and yellow.
The colored edge is created by using three different papers; two white papers sandwiching a colored paper, making one of our thickest business cards.
The two white papers are a bright white. As an uncoated card, it is a true matte, with its natural paper roughness.

Additional Information

夾心顏色 Edge Colour

檸檬黃 Yellow, 自然綠 Green, 天空藍 Blue, 葡萄紫 Purple, 橘子橙 Orange

數量 Quantity

200, 300, 500, 1000

效果 Effect

壓印加一專色 Emboss & 1 Pantone, CMYK Only